Oracle E-Business Suite, Data Migration

I am happy to announce the availability of the following book which provides a detailed discussion on the data migration project and process together with a recommended framework on how to achieve this in a robust, manageable and auditable way.

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Black Box Recorder Introduction

The PL/SQL Black Box Recorder presents a standardised approach to logging plsql code while, at the same time, providing an automatic process to increase the level of detail in the log file when an unexpected error occurs. In addition to having a consistent set of calls for code logging, it attempts to address 2 different […]

FTP Wrapper Script

The attached wrapper script produces more meaningful error messages and feedback when undertaking an ftp transfer from another shell script (e.g. generating an extract from one system and transferring the extract file to a remote location). FTP

Linux Disk Partitioning

Having had a variety of problems with filesystem corruption when running linux on a laptop, I’ve found the following disk partitioning approach to be the most robust. This is based on a disk size of 250gb. 1) Boot Partition Device: /dev/sda1, Size: 1gb, Type: Ext3, Mount: /boot 2) Root Partition Device: /dev/sda2, Size: 4gb, Type: […]

Unable to boot OS (ubuntu 10.10)

The following describes the steps taken to resolve a filesystem corruption issue which prevented the OS booting. 1) Laptop fails to boot up with the following message: mounting /dev on /root/dev failed: No such file or directory mount 2) Booted laptop from the Ubuntu Live CD and chose the option “Try Ubuntu” 3) Ran Disk […]

Reconciliation & Audit

A key component of the data migration activity, is to be able to answer a number of fundamental questions: Have all of the source records been migrated? If not, which records weren’t and how should they be handled. We were expecting record xyz – where is it? Why was a certain data record created in the […]

Document Signoff

The objective of getting a document signed off is to put a stake in the ground in terms of what functionality will be delivered. In fixed price projects, this has broader connotations but the general principle is the same. In terms of agreeing a document signoff process in advance with the client, the goal is […]

Early Heads Up

In my experience, getting an early “heads up” on the quality of the data, is a critical success factor in having a smooth data migration cut over. Although rehearsal cycles will have been performed prior to the cutover weekend, there are a whole host of issues which could still result in records failing the validation […]

xxbbr code – version 1.3

The latest version of the pl/sql Black Box Recorder code is here: bbr_v1.3

Detailed run plan

Prior to the cut over period, it is advisable to produce a detailed list of the steps that need to be performed as part of the cut over activities. Often these activities are performed throughout the night – a time that’s prone for silly mistakes. Therefore, the tighter these steps are scripted, the better. The […]

Data Migration Introduction

The intention of the Data Migration blog series is to discuss aspects of the data migration activity; including a formalised approach and various techniques. The formalised approach is summarised by the following diagram: This is discussed further in the Data Migration Overview whitepaper.